Bad luck in Barcelona

The Hankook 24H Barcelona did unfortunately not give the results Insight Racing hoped for. An exploded wheel bearing caused much damage and ended the race early for the danish team.

Circuit de Catalunya, Spain – September 4th, 2017

Everything looked promising after about 60 minutes of the Hankook 24H Barcelona for Insight Racing Denmark, but endurance racing can be cruel, and it was indeed the case this weekend.

Friday got off to a disappointing start as the qualifying was halted by multiple yellow flags at the last part of the session, meaning that the strategy didn’t go to plan. Our plan was to post a couple of quick laps towards the end of the 60 minute session, but that didn’t work out.

– I guess we are all a bit disappointed about this weekend. We never had the chance to show the pace our car was capable of in qualifying, as the yellow flags interupted our attempts. A great shame as we had a really good car, Martin Jensen says.

Night practice on friday. Photo: Petr Frýba

An interupted race:

In the glorious sunshine on saturday, driving team owner Martin Jensen had his work cut out. Starting from 17th on the grid, he had to get the car into the rythm early on – whilst taking as many positions as possible. The JAS Honda Civic TCR car once again proved its consistency on the tires, and Martin got off to a great start. In the first hour, he made his way up to 9th in the standings, but right after the one hour-mark, disaster struck.

Jensen had to pit early after a wheel bearing exploded – breaking just about everything on the rear left corner on the car. It happened under braking into turn 1, and the dane had a big moment saving the car. Martin Jensen managed to get the car back to the pits, but the damage soon proved to be impossible to repair on-site.

Martin Jensen driving at the race start in Barcelona. Photo: Petr Frýba

– We had a strong setup for the race. It seemed that the car needed a bit of time to make the tires work at the beginning of the stint, but from that point it really picked up the pace, and I was able to run at a very competitive pace towards the end of the stint – where most other cars in the class started to struggle, Martin Jensen explains.

He adds:
– We hoped the gentle tire degradation could become an advantage later on, but we never managed to get that far. I have never seen a wheel bearing exploding like this on a front wheel drive car before.

– We are obviously very disappointed. We did everything imagineable to get replacement parts, but we had no luck. Having to retire because of something like this is even more sad given that our squad did such a great job throughout. All four of us were within six tenths on average, which is really good.

Insight Racing on the grid in Barcelona. Photo: Petr Frýba

The final event for Insight Racing Denmark this year is the 24H Series event at Circuit of the Americas in Texas. The race is held on November 10th-12th.

A troubled 24H debut for Insight Racing at Paul Ricard

The new Insight Racing Honda Civic TCR showed promising pace in its first outing, but the danish outfit was eventually halted by technical issues.

Paul Ricard, France – May 7th 2017

Insight Racing got off to a flying start in the 24H Series at Paul Ricard after showing promising pace in practice and qualifying. On the starting grid, heavy rain was followed by dense fog, and the 24 hour race started under Code 60 as a safety precaution.

From P3 in class, starting right behind the Car Collection Motorsports Audi and Modena Motorsports Seat Leon, Martin Jensen made his way through the difficult conditions as the rain eased and the track subsequently began to dry.

Martin handed over the car in P2, and was replaced by the 16-year old Marcus Påverud. The norwegian is by far the youngest driver in the 24H Series, and he showed great pace in his first ever stint, driving his way into the lead of the TCR category during his stint. Marcus was followed by Joakim Frid and Frederik Schandorff, who both delivered consistent laptimes in the close competition in the TCR category.

Ready on the grid.

A failing head gasket ended the run

About six hours in, problems began to occur on the Civic. First, the car picked up heavy vibrations in the transmission, which was caused by a failing driveshaft. It was replaced and the car got better. We regained momentum, but two hours later, Martin Jensen had to stop the car in the middle of his second stint due to engine problems. The head gasket had gone, and the car had to retire from the race.

Martin Jensen:
– Over all, the weekend has been really good for us. We went here knowing that we had some hard work in front of us, fine tuning our new car. After the practice sessions, we came out fastest, and we have shown that the Civic is a very capable car in terms of pace. We are now working with JAS Motorsport to get the reliability and sort out the technical problems that put an early end to our race.

Frederik Schandorff:
– It was a great experience to race here. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a lot of laps in the car due to our technical issues, but the car was pretty quick, and I’m very happy with the stint I did.

Marcus Påverud:
– I’ve learnt a lot over the weekend. It’s really cool to be the youngest 24H-driver, and this has given me a lot of new experience.

Joakim Frid:
We were quick and did a good job on the track, so it was really unfortunate that we lost out on technical problems. The four of us were really quick and the car felt really good until the engine broke. I would like to thank everyone at Insight Racing and my sponsors for making this possible!