Paul Ricard – 1st of July

I really have mixed feelings about this track – I think it is a great track for testing as it is very safe with its big runoff areas and abrasive surfaces that catch you instead of gravel traps if you get off track.

But my experience from Ferrari Challenge is that many abuse this safety to cut corners and use off track areas to get an advantage.

But I was pleasantly surprised that most did respect track limits in the Blancpain Endurance Series!

Anyway, back to our race weekend; we finally seemed to get the car setup dialed in (many of the other teams in the same car have a year’s extra experience from the previous season), Martin qualified us in 25th position.

Come race day we lineup, clouds roll in, and a rain shower starts – really ? – southern France in July ?! – fortunately it was a brief shower and the track dried up so we got a dry race.

Everything is going well until a competitor (the GT Academy Nissan I believe) tags me in the high speed corner after the Mistral straight, sending me spinning with 200+ km/h – fortunately nobody collects me, but the steering feels wrong so I decide to pit and have it checked. Nothing wrong and I can resume, but it of course cost us time. We finish the race in p15.

Result: Qualifying p25, Race: p15 (in class) and p22 (out of 54)

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