Nurburgring – 23rd of September

In Germany it seemed that the team had decided that it was time to get me out of my comfort zone and make me push an extra bit in our practice sessions – and it worked well, improving my times over a number of laps (but did end with a trip in the gravel).

Our qualifying wasn’t the best – Martin hit traffic on his good lap and there are many sections on this track were you can get held up. So we would start 35th.

I really wanted us to do a no incidents race – up until the Spa race I had either had a spin or an extra pitstop in my stints – and I think we could have a really strong result if we could avoid me imposing ‘penalties’ on us like that.

So, we line up, weather is good, everything is good – formation lap gets under way and the Ferrari I am to have to the left of me gets in front, that is okay – we are supposed to fall back into grid order / sequence before approaching the last corners. Problem is, he doesn’t get into place – so in the last corner I get on the inside (my position) – but he closes the corner on me, hitting and spinning me – WHAT THE FUCK?! – so, I’m sitting there, turned around, having to wait and watch the entire field pass, before I can turn the car around facing the right direction. So much for ‘no incidents’ – but only thing to do is to floor the pedal and try to make up for it.

I made good progress in recovering places – then an extended safety car period happened – and we did a bad call of staying out, so our pitstop ends up costing more time than for the others that did their stop during the safety car.

But we again end up making good progress and finish just outside the points in p11!

Result: Qualifying p35, Race: p11 (in class) and p21 (out of 46)

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